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The Mentor Program

just the friendliest game in town ...

Bridgelady Mentor Program: This program pairs Mentors with Mentees for a series of 4 monthly sessions. Mentors are Life Masters. Mentees are non-Life Masters.

All interested players are invited to submit applications. The Bridgelady will make the pair assignments.

This is a great opportunity for Mentors to give back to the game and to meet new players.

Mentees will be made to feel more comfortable with playing up and will improve their knowledge of the game and bridge etiquette. Discussion of each hand will follow play.

The 4 sessions will be held at 11:00 A.M. on April 17, May 1, June 5 and July 3, 2007.

Wilkes-Barre invitational
This is mentored play. Dutch treat lunch; reservation required.

Sign up now and receive a "free play" certificate for your first program session.

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How it works

At the first meeting with your mentor, you will review your strengths and weaknesses and establish your program participation priorities; these may change as time goes on.



At the end of each session, participants will be asked to contribute items to be added to the "Lessons Learned Notepad".


After the first 2 sessions, you will have the opportunity to discuss your accomplishments and remaining goals with your assigned Mentor.


At the end of the 4 sessions, we will evaluate everyone's reactions to the program and decide whether to continue with additional series of sessions.

Goals for Mentees

to feel more comfortable playing up

to mix and get to know more players

to understand table etiquette and proper behavior

to understand director rulings

to explore basic conventions

to solidify bidding understandings

to recognize your weaknesses and gain strengths

to recognize your strengths and receive encouragement

Unassigned Mentees

Even if you are not assigned a "personal" mentor because there are not enough mentors to go around, you may be selected as an "unassigned" mentee to play only at tables at which a Mentor is present. Mentors will mentor not only their assigned partners, but also the opposing pair at the table.

Your interest and commitment will be rewarded!