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Congratulations to our newest life master, Jane Chilson.

The Mentor Program
just the friendliest game in town ...

Bridgelady Mentor Program - Handicap Rules

At Mentor Program games, players will receive a handicap based on their masterpoint holding. Each player will carry their own handicap which will yield a total handicap for the partnership.

The handicap formula is detailed below. It is subject to change.

Masterpoints Handicap
0-5 1 1/2 boards
5-20 1 1/4 boards
20-50 1 board
50-300 3/4 board
300-750 1/2 board
750-1000 1/4 board
1000-1500 1/4 board
1500-2000 1/2 board
2000-3000 1 board
3000+ 1 1/2 boards

NOTE: All minus handicaps will only be applied to offset a positive handicap.
Below are some examples:

A A player with 2 MPs is playing with a player with 200 MPs. Their handicap will be 2 1/4 board (1 1/2 and 3/4).
B A player with 10 MPs is playing with a player with 1200 MPs. Their handicap will be 1 board (1 1/4 and 1/4).
C A player with 0 MPs is playing with a player with 5000 MPs. Their handicap will be 0 (1 1/2 and 1 1/2).
D  Two players with over 1000 MPs are playing together. Their handicap will be 0 since negative handicaps only apply to offset positive handicaps.

The Director reserves the right to make subjective decisions about handicaps.