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The Mentor Program

just the friendliest game in town ...

What the Mentees learned:

Defense: paying attention to discards
Negative doubles
New minor forcing
Proper use of Stayman
When following suit, play the bottom of a sequence
When leading, play the top of a sequence
With 5 clubs and 4 diamonds, and a bare opener, bid the diamonds first.
Lead directing doubles.
Weak jump shifts.
Transfers to minors.
Improved play of the hand.
Never let the opponent have the bid for 1.

What the Mentors taught:

Negative double.
Play of the hand: make a plan, set up suits for extra tricks.

General observations:

Everyone thought the pre-set hands were a useful learning experience.
Mentors felt the mentees were eager to learn, listened well and asked great questions.
Mentees thought the mentors were patient, understanding, helpful and kind.
All thought there was more time needed for discussion of hands.

The Bridgelady says:

Thanks to all who participated. A good time was had by all! Everyone agreed that this was a valuable learning experience to repeat sometime again. The best part was that new friends were made.